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A team passionate about Amazon

We don’t know everything, but we do know Amazon.
Mission and values

What guides us

Our vision is to be the best full-service Amazon agency, distinguished not by our size but by the unparalleled results and joy we deliver to our clients.
We embrace a higher standard of trust, transcending the norm to empower our clients and our team with confidence and assurance in all we do.
Integrity is our compass. We practice uncompromising honesty, building strong, transparent relationships across the board. That’s how partners succeed together.
We're acutely aware that our clients' success rests on our shoulders; we treat their businesses with the care and urgency they deserve.
Our story

From a dorm room to  a company

Established in 2017 in Gothenburg, SellWave sprang from the urgent need for a savvy Amazon agency to guide Swedish companies. Our founder, Anton Kimfors, leveraged his Amazon expertise to assist local businesses, sparking the inception of SellWave.

From its inception in Gothenburg, SellWave has grown, catering to a vast array of clients around the world. Our ethos is clear and ambitious: to be the best full-service Amazon agency, not by size, but through the unmatched results and enjoyment we bring to our clients. This vision propels us beyond local origins, as we carry a commitment to excellence and a passion for e-commerce success to businesses everywhere.

SellWave isn't just an agency; it's your hyper focused e-commerce ally, evolving with you on Amazon's dynamic stage.
Our partners

They trusted us

We have developed a network of partners. Many of them have been with us from day one on Amazon.
Our Team

The heroes behind the success

Welcome to Sellwave, your navigator in the Amazon marketplace. Founded in 2017, we've grown from a passionate team of e-commerce enthusiasts to a leading full-service Amazon agency.
Amanda Palm Ballesta
PPC Lead
Anton Kimfors
Sofia Bengtsson
Creatives Lead

Whatever the Q, we got the answers

What is your pricing structure?

For our comprehensive full-service management and PPC management, we provide two pricing options tailored to your preferences. You can choose our true partnership model, which includes a flat fee along with a commission structure. This mutually beneficial approach incentivizes us to drive growth for your account, aligning our success with yours. Alternatively, we also offer a straightforward flat fee pricing model.

To receive a pricing offer, contact us here.

How do you guarantee high quality?

At SellWave, high quality is our standard. Every task, no matter how small, undergoes meticulous review by our experienced team leaders. Our comprehensive quality system ensures excellence in every aspect of our service. Our handpicked team members meet rigorous standards, guaranteeing top-notch expertise and care for your Amazon presence.

How should we get started on Amazon?

To get started on Amazon, we highly recommend beginning with our thorough market analysis service. SellWave's market analysis helps you identify profitable opportunities, saving you from costly mistakes and ensuring your Amazon investment leads to growth. Once armed with this insight, our full-service Amazon management takes over, handling both launch, management, and ongoing optimization for sustained success on the platform.

How big is your team?

Our team is deliberately compact, consisting of about 10 dedicated specialists who are deeply committed to agile practices. We intentionally maintain a smaller team size to foster agility and innovation. Rather than simply competing on Amazon, our goal is to set the pace and transform marketplace challenges into growth opportunities for your brand.

Our smaller size empowers us to work with the tenacity of an underdog, driving us to put in extra effort and ensuring your success in rising to the top.

But if you are still not sure about us, please dont hesitate to reach out!

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